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Hey Greg - Speaking of hating Israel, remember that thread I started over on scout how he would hate Israel being a Muslim and all and this could be the beginning of US ending its support of Israel.

At Armegeddon all the countries of the world attack Israel including the US, so something makes the US turn from Israel.

I said it would be the Muslim President and he is right on schedule.

And Magnified torched me over there for stating that.

Jerry Falwell had his Leer Jet. I always thought his church bought it for him.

No. It was a gift from Israel for preaching their support. Israel never understood why he did it, according to the New Testament, but they liked it. I think they gave one to Pat Robertson and John Hagee to, not sure. Hagee has a book called IN DEFENSE OF ISRAEL plus several others and influences millions of Christians as does Robertson and Falwell who of course is dead but his sons are carrying the torch.

This support in foreign policy is starting to wane, just like I forecasted last summer.

You heard it here first.
Anyone else hear that???