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    What can I expect in Cleveland?

    My buddy and I are planning a trip to Cleveland for the Monday Night game. I've heard there are a lot of problems for Ravens fans, especially in the bathrooms. Does anyone have any experience on what I can expect?

    After all these are the same people that started fires in the stands and threw bottles at the Jaguars and refs. I came away alive from MNF in Pittsburgh 2 years ago, but I'm told there is still a lot of hatred towards Baltimore in Cleveland.

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    Re: What can I expect in Cleveland?

    I went with my Dad like 5 years ago when I was 12. I was a short little chubby kid wearing a Boller #8 jershey and they yelled and screamed and said F you to me just like they would anyone else.

    But it was a ton of fun because we had seats like 10 rows back from the Ravens bench. I would go again.

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    Re: What can I expect in Cleveland?

    Remember they dont call Cleveland "the mistake by the lake" for nothing.
    Only thing worth seein is Drew Carey and friends bar they hang out at.
    You will see alot of Mimi look alikes.

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    Re: What can I expect in Cleveland?

    I have been to Cleveland twice once sat on the ravens sideline on the goalline by the dogpound and the other on the 35 yrd line behind the ravens bench and i had the normal trash talk u expect going to any opposing teams stadium but nothing to bad i was at the game when stover kicked the 52 yrd fg to win as time expired in the 13-3 season and after the kick i went into a bathroom full of pissed off browns fans and screamed damn the browns suck and how bout them ravens and all i got was the good ole "ASSHOLE" chant. which i was lol but it wasnt bad at all. but aside from the game there is absolutly nothing to do in Cleveland

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    For all we make fun of Cleveland, its not really a bad town. Ive been there 4 times, (twice to see the browns play before we had a team, once to see the O's play the Indians, and once to go to Cedar Point to ride the new Millenium Force coaster when it opened in 2000)

    The Flatts is just like Fells point, great bar area to hang out in before or after the game. I havent been there since the Browns moved to Baltimore but have heard stories too of fans just getting into for no reason at all. Just think how we are to colts fans...its the same thing to them.
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    Re: What can I expect in Cleveland?

    I was pumped for a minute there. I was looking at both my schedules and thought the Ravens were in Cleveland that weekend. The O's play the Indians that weekend too. Then the letdown because Brownies are in Baltimore. That could've been an awesome sports weekend.
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