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Thread: Cincinnati Trip

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    Cincinnati Trip

    Anyone make the short trip out to Cinncy or plan to go out this year?

    I'm looking to find the best way of getting tickets...hope to see some purple!

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    Re: Cincinnati Trip

    I have been to cincy the past 2 years and will most likely make the trip again this season. decent stadium shitty fans. i have been to 16 nfl stadiums and that is the only one i have ever had a problem in. but as far as getting tickets i have purchased mine from last season i got 6 tickets row 10 lower level end zone for $22 per ticket. face value i think was $69.

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    Re: Cincinnati Trip

    I went to Cincinnati last year and hope to do it again this year. Tickets are fairly easy to come by, or at least last year they were. Didn't have any problems with their fans, although granted, we were beating them pretty handily by the third quarter. The stadium is pretty nice and right on the waterfront.


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