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Thread: Green Bay trip

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    Re: Green Bay trip

    We have 9 of us going...leaving Friday night, spending Saturday night in Chigaco and Green Bay Sunday and Monday. We all have tickets in section 103. Hitting those bars for the Sunday night game sounds like a great idea! As for tailgating, I believe there is a Kmart by the stadium and I think that is where we will be tailgating as that lot does not need reservations for RV's. Stop by if you wanna hang with other Ravens fans, we're bringing the DJ machine so we will be showing those cheese heads how Baltimore parties.

    Hope to see lots of Ravens fans out there!! Go Ravens!!

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    Re: Green Bay trip

    Would love to meet up with other Ravens fans in the bars on Sunday. Stadium View is good?

    Where are all of you staying? We have 8 of us at the Quality Inn & Suites.

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    Re: Green Bay trip

    I know this is a little last minute but where is everyone tailgating for the game Monday night. I'll be up there and was just wondering where me and my buddy could jump in on a tailgate.

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    Re: Green Bay trip

    What is the general consensus here? Is anyone going to the $27 tailgate near the stadium? If so we should gather names and cell phone #s here. I will be there with one other Ravens fan.

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