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    So I've got a team...think I did alright?

    QB: Palmer, Delhomme
    RB: Tomlinson, J Lew, D. McAlistor, M smith, F Gore
    WR: Burress, Coles, Muhammad, Toomer, Lelie
    TE: Heap
    K: J. Brown
    DEF: Baltimore



    (I was #2 overall, passed on Johnson for Tomlinson)

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    Re: So I've got a team...think I did alright?

    I like this team.

    Palmer is clearly the #2 overall QB in fantasy terms this year. Delhomme is another top ten QB and will do very well if Palmer goes down again. You are completely set, and could even consider dealing Delhomme for an upgrade elsewhere.

    Tomlinson is one of the top three backs, without question. I would worry a bit about the rest of your list; Jamal Lewis is not a sure thing right now, and neither is McAllister with Bush on the scene. I like Frank Gore as a fourth option. Musa Smith is a bad choice; drop him. He will be available again if Jamal goes down as long as you're attentive, and carrying five RBs with two starting spots leaves your bench thin elsewhere (specifically, you need a second defense pretty bad). Also, ALL of your RBs have a bye week 7 except Tomlinson. You need to break that up a bit. I would try to trade McAllister for another guy of similar quality with a different bye (maybe Willis McGahee or Willie Parker if you're lucky, but more likely Kevin Jones or Chester Taylor or the like).

    Your WRs are not guys I favor this year, but they're not terrible either. I don't like taking two WRs from the same team (Burress and Toomer) and all three of the others have weak QBs playing for them. But it's probable that you'll do okay here.

    Heap is the second best TE in my eyes behind Gates. No issue here.

    Josh Brown is a fine choice at kicker.

    Baltimore is a top ten defense, but you need a backup. Even a mediocre defense like Minnesota or Atlanta is a better play when they go up against a bad offensive team (Chicago or San Francisco, for example) at the same time the Ravens take on someone like Carolina or Cincinnati.

    You have a decent squad with some room to make moves that will put you over the top.


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