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  1. Hello form indy-Go Ravens Beat the Colts

    As a Steeler fan living in Indy I want to say hello, congrats on winning the AFC North in 2006, by 5 games none the less, and beat the Colts. After the way their defense played last week they the fans here think that they are going to roll all over the Ravens.

    I lived in Maryland from 1981-1984 and out of all the places I have lived, including Hawaii, it is the best place I have lived.

    To this very day I remember Irsay saying he was not moving the Colts and if he was he would let the people of Baltimore know. IDIOT!


    It will be 52 weeks to the week since the Steelers ended their season last year; I hope you guys can do it this year.

    I hope Ray Lewis has a couple of these.

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    Re: Hello form indy-Go Ravens Beat the Colts

    Classy first post. Welcome Squeeler err..Steelerfan!
    Admin Steve :uk:
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  3. Re: Hello form indy-Go Ravens Beat the Colts

    I have no beef with Ravens fan. One of my best friends is a Ravens fan. The last time I was in Baltimore, which has been a few years, he took me to the zoo to see this huge cage that had a Raven in it and I thought it was cool. As a matter of fact I am a fan of Edgar Allen Poe and I think the Raven is one of the most original nicknames in all of sports.


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