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    Plamegate goes away quietly.

    Another waste of time. All involved should be hung by the nads.

    From Yahoo News:

    Plamegate is turning out to be, as some have long suspected, exactly the opposite of what we've been led to believe. It was not a revenge-inspired hit job by the Bush administration, but an example of D.C.'s insider culture at its worst: a public, partisan, and dubious attack launched in the op-ed pages of the country's biggest newspaper, followed by innocent gossip between a reporter and a high-level official (and the subsequent shameful silence of that official, influenced by interdepartment fears and rivalries), followed by a firestorm of media speculation and innuendo, followed by an investigation, followed by an indictment for obstruction of justice over a crime that was never committed, followed by revelations that the whole thing wasn't what it was portrayed to be by critics of the administration and the media.

    And from Men's News Daily: (?)

    The silence from the Left is, well, deafening. Come on folks, you know of what I am speaking. It’s Plamegate of course and the silence of which I take note is the complete absence of commentary in the Left-wing blogosphere about the revelation that it was Richard Armitage, not Karl Rove, not Dick Cheney, not even Lewis “Scooter” Libby that was Robert Novak’s source for the identity of Valerie Plame Wilson.
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    Re: Plamegate goes away quietly.

    I always said Plamegate was a politically motivated pseudo-scandal and much ado about nothing.

    No one in the Bush Administration should expect any apologies. In fact, the people who used this for partisan attacks will continue to insist that the Administration somehow engaged in criminal behavior...even when it's brought up 10 or 20 years from now.
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