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    Nestor/NST reaches new low

    Nestor and his station reached a new low this morning. I was taking my daughter to school early today and thought I heard them mention Art..first, I said Art Modell? nope.....I thought to myself...they can't be having Art Sinclair on the air....sure enough, Art Sinclair was on the air with Nestor and tell "his" story....puhleeze spare me. I can understand someone wanting to tell their side of the story,etc but you need to draw the line on certain things. Perusing the internet and meeting a young girl in a parking lot for oral is sickening. It doesn't surprise me that Nestor would try to paint himself as some type of moral savior and turn this entire story around for something that it wasn't. In a day and age when child predators and molestors are running rampant and destroying lives, he has this bum on with him. On top of that, during the Dr. Phil segment, Nestor felt it in him to revisit Marty Bass, Tom Davis, and Keith Mills' incidents and somehow try to compare them to what Art Sinclair did. To hear them try to massage and explain away the charges originally brought to what was finally on the legal record was laughable. I dont know what to say really. I suppose that nestor is hoping that someday he may need a forum to explain his secret life once he gets nailed.

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    Re: Nestor/NST reaches new low

    Did Art ever get convicted? I know it was more than a year ago. Never heard anything.

    So what was his story?

    It had to be better than the 20 minute 'Life history of Nestor' they've been airing 4 times a day. I swear I left the office, went to the bank, the Wawa and the Citgo and it was still going on when I got back to the office. :)
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    Re: Nestor/NST reaches new low

    Oh God, tell me about it.

    "A boy from Dundalk..."

    "I'm just a kid from Dundalk..."

    "Who would have thought this Dundalk native..."

    Jesus Christ, give it a rest. He acts like he is from some inner city ghetto that had no hope and he somehow managed to persevere and rise from the ashes to become this radio mogul (in his own mind of course). If I was from Dundalk I would take it as an insult the way he talks.

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    Re: Nestor/NST reaches new low

    Not having heard the interview, I can't really comment. Was Nestor doing the interview? Was Sinclair denying or explaining his actions? Did Nestor take a side?

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    Unhappy Re: Nestor/NST reaches new low

    OK, I'll bite. For the unenlightened: who is Art Sinclair?

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    Re: Nestor/NST reaches new low

    Case Information
    Court System: Circuit Court of Howard County - Criminal System
    Case Number 13K05045036
    Title: State Of Maryland vs Arthur Joseph Lapenotiere
    Case Type: IndictmentFiling Date:06/29/2005
    Case Status: Reopened/Active
    Case Disposition: Disposition Date:
    Defendant Information
    (Each Alias, Address, and Attorney for the Defendant is displayed)
    Name: Lapenotiere, Arthur Joseph
    Race: Caucasian
    Sex: MHeight:6'0"Weight:190DOB:01/01/1945
    Address: 1014 Uniontown Rd
    City: WestminsterState:MDZip Code:21158
    Address: Howard County Detention Center
    City: JessupState:MDZip Code:20794
    Court Scheduling Information
    Event Type: Arraignment/Initial AppearanceNotice Date:06/29/2005
    Event Date: 08/03/2005Event Time:08:45 AM
    Result: Cancelled/VacatedResult Date:07/27/2005
    Event Type: Scheduling ConferenceNotice Date:07/28/2005
    Event Date: 08/09/2005Event Time:08:45 AM
    Result: Held/ConcludedResult Date:08/09/2005
    Event Type: Criminal MotionsNotice Date:09/08/2005
    Event Date: 10/05/2005Event Time:08:45 AM
    Result: Held/ConcludedResult Date:10/05/2005
    Event Type: Plea HearingNotice Date:08/09/2005
    Event Date: 11/15/2005Event Time:08:45 AM
    Result: Held/ConcludedResult Date:11/15/2005
    Event Type: Violation of Probation HearingNotice Date:02/23/2006
    Event Date: 05/03/2006Event Time:08:45 AM
    Result: Postponed/ResetResult Date:05/01/2006
    Event Type: Criminal MotionsNotice Date:05/01/2006
    Event Date: 05/09/2006Event Time:08:45 AM
    Result: Held/ConcludedResult Date:05/09/2006
    Charge and Disposition Information
    (Each Charge is listed separately. The disposition is listed below the Charge)
    Charge No: 1CJIS Code:6 3600Statute Code:CR.3.322
    Charge Description: Unnatural Or Perverted Practice
    Offense Date From: 11/29/2004To:
    Arrest Tracking No: 04-1004-35485-6Citation:
    Charge Amend No: 0Sentence Version:0Charge Class:
    Plea: GuiltyPlea Date:11/15/2005
    Disposition: GuiltyDisposition Date:11/15/2005
    Jail Term: Yrs:10Mos:0Days:0Hours:0
    Suspended Term: Yrs:9Mos:9Days:21Hours:0
    UnSuspended Term: Yrs:0Mos:2Days:9Hours:
    Jail Text: To be Served as 5 Weekends from FRI 7 PM - SUN 7 PM; To Be Served on every other Weekend
    Probation: Yrs:Mos:Days:Hours:
    Supervised : Yrs:5Mos:0Days:0Hours:0
    UnSupervised : Yrs:0Mos:0Days:0Hours:0
    Probation Conditions: Probation conditions are not currently available online.
    Fine Amt: 1000Fine Suspended Amt:1000Fine Due:First Pmt Due:

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    Re: Nestor/NST reaches new low

    It was not an was Nestor giving Art a chance to tell his, it took more than an hour for Art to tell his story because they went over the river and through the woods on how Drew met Art, how Nestor met Art.....a full half hour of Charlie Eckmann stories and finally Art said that he got a computer, started hitting chat rooms...looking at pornography..tried meeting several different people that he contacted online..finally met a girl online....claimed he did not know how old she was...met her in a parking lot and got oral....gave her 20 bucks....then months later, he was, I missed part of it taking my daughter into school so I am not sure if all charges were dropped or just a few but what steamed me was Drew and Nestor trying to justify things by saying, "you know, if you get oral from your wife in a parking lot, it is against the law in this state".....not the point was this girl was underage and nestor again trying to paint himself as a stand up guy, while bringing up people like mills, marty, and tom davis for no reason....this guy is scum and let me tell you, this was not the first time....just the only time he got caught....

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    Re: Nestor/NST reaches new low

    Yea most people that do stuff like that are not first time offenders, just the first time they got caught. I am all for second chances but most research studies say pedophiles cannot be cured. Not saying he is a pedophile but he has obviously demonstrated actions that fall under the category.

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    Re: Nestor/NST reaches new low

    Thanks Ravenmaniac...

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    Re: Nestor/NST reaches new low

    I want that program RavenManiac has :)
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    Re: Nestor/NST reaches new low

    I listened to it and also found it strange. Nestor and the boys were treating the guy like a 7-year old boy who'd been punched by a bully. Awww...poor boy!

    You got the impression that he thought there really wasn't anything wrong with a married guy searching for (much) younger girls and meeting them for oral sex.

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    Re: Nestor/NST reaches new low

    Quote Originally Posted by birdbrain
    while bringing up people like mills, marty, and tom davis for no reason....
    What has Tom Davis ever done?


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