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    Re: GAME THREAD - Ravens/Giants

    You're watching the same game as me right Darb? I just don't think this team has it in them today.

    And now Terry is down.

    It would have been nice to see these teams play after our real bye week.

  2. Re: GAME THREAD - Ravens/Giants

    We came back from two tds down to hammer the browns so its not impossible!

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    Re: GAME THREAD - Ravens/Giants

    but the browns aren't a good defense

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    Re: GAME THREAD - Ravens/Giants

    Ok, so why are we now running the ball?

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    Re: GAME THREAD - Ravens/Giants

    Kick-off taken in the end-zone.

    1st and 10 from the 20- Swing pass to McClain for 9 yards and Terry is down.
    2nd and 1 from the 29- McClain up the middle for three.

    1st and 10 from the 32- Rice up the middle for 5.
    2nd and 5- Rice up the middle 3.
    3rd and 2- Rice picks up three off the right side for a first down.

    1st and 10- Holding on Cousins.
    1st and 20- Offsides on the Giants.
    1st and 15- Screen pass goes for no yards at all. Actually loses a yard.
    2nd and 16- McClain up the middle for seven yards.
    3rd and 9- Pass to Heap for about four. Goody, now our coaches are giving up.
    4th and 6- Heap catches it for a first down.

    Coaches, when you're down by three TDs it's usually a good idea to hurry the hell up.

    1st and 10- and we run the damned ball? Seriously, that's just freaking stupid. Loses one yard.
    2nd and 11- Incomplete to Mason.
    3rd and 11- pass incomplete to McClain.
    4th and 11- And Flacco is sacked.

    I wasn't really disappointed in this game until this series. I'm disgusted with our coaches, our players and our heart.

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    Re: GAME THREAD - Ravens/Giants

    Philly looking like crap at Cincy. That will be an easy win the way the Eagirlz look

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    Re: GAME THREAD - Ravens/Giants

    Sorry guys, but I can't do the PbP anymore. I could, I suppose, but there's no reason to. It's over.

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    Re: GAME THREAD - Ravens/Giants

    What happened to Gaither?


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    Re: GAME THREAD - Ravens/Giants

    Pretty simple. They ran the ball and we couldn't. Mason's play demoralized us and it was over right there.
    The Steelers: Still looking for a legit Super Bowl victory.

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    Re: GAME THREAD - Ravens/Giants

    I think this game shows us that although the Ravens have had a nice first 10 games, they have major holes.

    The Giants are a damn good team.


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    Re: GAME THREAD - Ravens/Giants

    Don't worry Darb, I don't blame you.

    But look, it's like I said in the predictions thread. This game was stacked against us in so many ways. To pull this out would have been a miracle.

    I didn't however think we'd lose by 30. :(

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    Re: GAME THREAD - Ravens/Giants

    Of course we have holes. We have the most players on IR, we've never had a good receiving corps, our linebackers are getting old and our best player is a rookie from D-1AA.


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