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Thread: Mark Teixeria

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    Re: Mark Teixeria

    Quote Originally Posted by BertJonesMyHero View Post
    As usual it is the player that gets blamed? Would you play for Angelos? I wouldn't. Especially not for 40 million dollars less.

    Why is it always the player that has to sacrifice to this guy?

    Wake me up when they are sold.
    I didn't realize it was always about going to the highest bidder. I'd think things like loyalty to your hometown team you loved as a child would come into play. Or maybe being the face of a rebuilding franchise.

    Why is it much better to play for Hank Steinbrenner, who has about 10 meltdowns a season when the Yankee$ don't win every damn game?

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    Re: Mark Teixeria

    F... Mark Tex . We have the poorest run franchise, maybe, but he is NOT worth that kind of money, and obviously 150 mil is not enough to live on, so F... Tex!!!!!. Oh, And Double F... the Yankers!!!... AND MLB!!!!!!!!!!


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