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    Psycho Wife in Indy

    Let me start by saying I'm being forced into this. The wife is dying to meet some players when the Ravens come to Indy next month. So I was wondering if anyone knew where the players stay when they come to Indy. I'm really hoping someone can help...just to get her off my back. Also, if anyone is going to be at the game, we should get together before and/or after. Let us know and wwe can try to plan something.
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    Re: Psycho Wife in Indy

    not sure i can help you on the first point. i guess the best advice would be to find the most expensive hotel in town and that's the likely winner. i'm tempted by going to the game. i really want to do the cincinnati game but if i could figure out a way to keep costs down i'd do it.

    maybe i can bring my mom who despises peyton manning with every fiber of her being, lol.

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    Re: Psycho Wife in Indy

    I don't know how the ravens booking works, but I found in the media guide for the O's and they said where they were staying. I booked a room at that hotel, went to the games during the day and got pictures with the entire team afterwards at the hotel.

    Might want to check the media guide for what its worth.


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