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    Ravens Vs. Eagles Gamethread!

    Anyone coming in to talk about the game tonight? I decided last minute to stay home tonight. It's been a long week and I just want to spend the night with my wife.

    Well, we start off the game with a BOGUS pass interference call.

    Keys to the Game:

    - Defense containing McNabb.
    - How good IS Ngata?

    - Can the offense keep up that great first drive momentum?
    - Yes, I'll say it now. How does Kyle Boller bounce back from a crappy but statistically sound first game? Is the pressure now really off?

    Ok. Offense is on the field! Let's get it on!!

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    Re: Ravens Vs. Eagles Gamethread!

    Jamal!! 2 runs, second one for 13 yards! Nice block by Clayton!

    Offensive line so far looking solid against the Eagles.

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    Re: Ravens Vs. Eagles Gamethread!

    It's so nice to see a balanced offense, and they they are on the field longer than a minute

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    Re: Ravens Vs. Eagles Gamethread!

    Good to see Mcnair looking to Mason more.

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    Re: Ravens Vs. Eagles Gamethread!

    The offensive line is looking pretty damn good too. I am actually impressed with the solid middle of the pocket.

    Oooooo, 4th down and having to punt. But you have to be impressed with the drive. They can't all have points. But you have to think it could be at anytime.

    And that was NOT a touchback. Unless Darling's foot was on the line. Hard to tell.

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    Re: Ravens Vs. Eagles Gamethread!

    Nice Punt by Koch wasted. I'd like to see him make Arugaz get cut tomorrow.
    McNair looked good, that was good defense by Dawkins.

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    Re: Ravens Vs. Eagles Gamethread!

    Just an side-note. Am I the only one who thinks those Bud Light commercials are hilarious?

    And Darling is going to play himself right off this team. :/

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    Re: Ravens Vs. Eagles Gamethread!

    Are you kidding me??? Another penalty??

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    Re: Ravens Vs. Eagles Gamethread!

    Ngata looks a little lost out there tonight, but I will pass that off as the jitters.

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    Re: Ravens Vs. Eagles Gamethread!

    These penalties are getting a little ridiculous.

    Also, I think these players are playing not to get hurt, at least on the defensive side.

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    Re: Ravens Vs. Eagles Gamethread!

    Our pass rush is starting to concern me a little bit here. You can't let McNabb stand back there like that and throw the ball!

    Come on Ngata, show us what you have..

    OMG!!! And almost TD! This is NOT good.

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    Re: Ravens Vs. Eagles Gamethread!

    12 men on the FIELD penalty??? WTF is wrong with our defense??

    Oh this is NOT GOOD AT ALL!


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