DL: A+.. our sack daddy lives here on the DL. To have a pass rushing DT is a huge boost and he was also our TFL daddy. The group from last season that ranked among the leagues best in stopping the run remains in tact. Gotta give them their respect here with an A+.

LB: A-.. led by Roquan Smith leading the team in tackles. The big story here is Trenton Simpson who I believe will prove to be an upgrade over Queen. We lost Clowney.. but Van Noy returns coming off one of his best seasons. The big pressure is on the African "O" brothers that need to prove they have a long term place on this team by playing a full season productively.

CB: A-.. Yeah I said it! This is a good looking group. Hump is Hump and Stephens continues to improve significantly. All eyes are on Wiggins who has the potential of becoming our best corner one day. A guy that you may just be able to leave on an island against opposing #1 corners in a couple years. I like that kid TJ Tampa too (no pun intended). That name alone just sounds like a solid corner.

Safeties: A+.. We have the best safety in the league in Kyle Hamilton and it's not even debateable. Marcus Williams when healthy can still ball which is where my only concern is if he goes down, there is not much there now with Geno Stone gone. Good thing is, Brandon Stephens is capable of filling in at safety if need be.

Overall, it all depends on how Orr utilizes this group that still has the potential of being the best in the league again.