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Hello friends, summer is underway here in Nor-Cal. I laugh when people say it is hot out and it is 80 degrees. Fool, there is no humidity and a nice breeze.

Linda is doing okay. The transplant is a bit iffy; it looks like she is going to need some booster cells from her donor. We were unaware that there might be more required than the original transplant. It is a little deflating for her/us to see her blood counts move around like a ping-pong ball. Apparently, the transfer can still fail. We had a scare with her liver and kidneys for a moment, seems the cells take a bit of time to move all the way around the different organs, you neve know which one might reject them.

She is feeling a little down, and I have been doing the best I can to lift her spirits. We are very grateful for what we have, which is more than a lot of people in this world; we practice gratitude. On that note, I gave her a happy moment on her birthday last week. We took a helicopter ride over Lake Tahoe.

Positive attitude goes a long way. Great job getting those endorphins going with such an awesome helicopter ride.