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Thread: QB futures

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    Re: QB futures

    Quote Originally Posted by purple_city39 View Post
    I still think Stroud and Love should be in the same tier, the 3rd tier, but otherwise this is a fantastic ranking to me
    Yeah, you could definitely make a case for Stroud moving down one tier temporarily, but to me he looked like a vet, only one game did I see him get overmatched (the Jets).

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    Re: QB futures

    Quote Originally Posted by PGCountyRaven85 View Post

    It is what is is [emoji2375] my opinion

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    I think Stroud should be dropped down also. He's only been in the league one season. Let's see what he does in the future.

    I would also move Burrow up to Elite and drop Murray to Average. Burrow has a track record but his injury impacted his ranking IMO.

    I have my questions about Hurts and Purdy's rankings but I have to see what happens this season. I think Hurts and Purdy could switch after this season.


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