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Here's where we part company. In his two years as a Raven, Likely has proven himself. His 8 TDs out of 100 targets (66 receptions/13.7 YPC) cannot be disregarded. I'm not trying to knock him, but Bateman has had 152 targets with a mere 4 TDs (93 catches/12.5 YPC). IMO Likely has elevated himself almost to Andrews and Flowers territory for LJ8... Bc
You cannot extrapolate Likely's statistics into a full season and think he is going to produce at that level as a #2 TE. In 2023, Mark Andrews missed several games, in which Likely took over as the #1 TE with 21 receptions (30 targets), 322 yards (15.3/YPC), and 5 TDs in those 6 games. He isn't going to get that if Mark Andrews is on the field.