The Fish Ain't Biden

Normal people, particularly Gen Z, are having a tough time in this current economy. I like history. So I wanted to get the pulse of what it was like for other generations that we're going through high inflation and wars trying to make it day to day. Well this song sounds like what's honestly going on while Biden is president. Will Biden go the way of Nixon? Just an observation.

The lyrics:

I'm out here fighting, hungry
The fish ain't bitin'
Life's so frightenin'
I'm out here stumblin'
Broke and crumblin'
And nothing's hatchin'
And I ain't catching

I've been trying to recover from that phase one
But it's just too hard when the damage is already done
Lord, when we will overcome?
Or am I just destined, destined to be a bum
With phase two
I thought I was through
And phase four gonna take me out the back door

Can't afford to be lazy
When the cost of livings gone crazy