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    Re: Balbomb's NFL Bets for 2024

    Also it was pretty cute whoever was in charge of the unofficial card clearly thought Fury was going to lose because he randomly just declares round 10 was a draw even if it was one of the most lopsided rounds of the fight.

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    Re: Balbomb's NFL Bets for 2024

    The scariest thing you can hear someone say or job title is "activist". There is a self-aggrandizement element to that word/title that cannot be matched.

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    Re: Balbomb's NFL Bets for 2024

    Usyk won that fair and square. Fury lost it when he didn't press forward after the 6th and played the clown

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    Re: Balbomb's NFL Bets for 2024

    Yea I agree. I follow some boxing betting guys that know so much more than me, and also a big fan of teddy atlas. The universal consensus was that they all thought Usyk had more advantages in the fight and that Fury would have to take some more chances early to tire Usyk because otherwise Usyk might just win the final 4-6 rounds because of his stamina. Weirdly I think almost knocking him out did hurt his gas tank in final two rounds, but I think what you said was dead on.

    Just from a human perspective, I never felt like Fury was comfortable leading up to the fight, but I think he fought close to his best. I will give him a ton of credit because in first three rounds I was kicking myself for not just unloading a huge amount, and all of the sudden Fury came close to running away with it in 4-7.


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