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    Re: Welcome to Baltimore Nate Wiggins, CB, Clemson.

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    Not sure the other team got cold feet. Pretty sure EDC said "we can make that move but Rosengarten wont be there. If ____ take Rosengarten here, id do that trade in a heartbeat." with intentions of drafting a G, but that team didnt take him and the pick went in. He was definitely the pick at that spot. I believe they said they ran models and only had a 20% chance of him being there.

    Wiggins was another where they just didnt think hed be there based on those models. to your point, there absolutely were other guys, where im sure they had at a possibility of being there above 0, that theyd have been super happy to take. The question is where Wiggins overtakes the Ts (or other players) already taken. It is possible that Wiggins was much higher up that list than you or I would have him. CB1 on their board (their words) could have been comparable to OT1 ultimately. I could easily see them have wiggins over OT4 in this draft. I think it was deep at that position, but plenty of questions about those guys after that mark. I did feel CB was a need for this team, so maybe we differ there. Upgrade, Injury depth, and then considering Declinging play of a high priced vet and the other a FA, thats definitely a need and Wiggins is good enough to be instant starter, so i see that no different than T at 30, ultimately. youre getting a starter either way,

    its just about getting the best player there and throughout the draft. He mentioned this when talking about taking Wiggins. A big drop off after him at CB, even when they really liked another in Tampa, they clearly had Wiggins much higher, which is why I dont think its out of the realm to think he was upper half of their board and higher than some of those other Ts. Especially when considering they had Tampa as a draftable player at 62, and he was in that lot of "big dropoff".
    So they could have taken Fautanu (in that scenario of him being available along with Wiggins) and still take Tampa at 62 (or actually way later) and you'd still hear EDC say they got their guys. The drop off between a Fautanu and a Rosengarten was probably big as well.

    Pretty sure they were ready to trade the 62nd pick but the other team never called back. It was baffling and I believe they were saved from making a mistake to a point. On the other hand, maybe the guards were not graded that far from Rosengarten, given Harbaugh's comments on the Draft inside vid.
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  2. Re: Welcome to Baltimore Nate Wiggins, CB, Clemson.

    Definitely the latest Wired referring to the draft makes it clear how Decosta thought about the draft.
    He's definitely a great evaluator of where players are going to fall.


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