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Thread: Jordan peterson

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    Quote Originally Posted by blah3 View Post
    I appreciate that you want to talk about what is important to you. But it is a short form site. Post a blurb of your main point or reference the time in a video your main point is discussed/made. Your more likley to grab the attention you want. With a link to the longer form, if the posters are intrigued, the long form discussion’ is still available.
    And hey lets also keep in mind people come to this site for entertainment/distraction as well. So insulting them because they are entertained by wrasslin (not a fan myself), not helping to draw conversations
    Again, you seem to assume that I want or desire someones attention in the way of discussion. Not true, I am only surprised there was a lack of discussion on a current issue facing society I pointed out by posting a video of. No one requires anyone to watch it, I am surprised the number of people who didn't and commented on that.

    As far as Wrasslin is concerned, it's junk food for the brain........garbage in......garbage out. For me it has no redeeming value. There are people who can tell you every story line that's going on in the world of Wrestling but couldn't tell you one thing about what's going on in the Middle East or what the state of the economy is and why it is. We have men playing in woman sports and a large segment of society that thinks that is Ok......A large number of young people who have no idea what the civil war was about and who fought in that war.......who the United States won their independence from......why we celebrate the 4th of July? Senior High school students who can't read or know their multiplication tables. But know every name of the Kardashian's.

    So yeah, if the shoe fits......insult people? They are insulting themselves and are to ignorant to realize it.
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    Re: Jordan peterson

    As far as this topic and Peterson goes the one thing I totally agree with him on is we will probably look back on the current hysteria surrounding this issue and push for compulsive gender affirming care for minors and young people with deep shame, much like people look back upon the lobotomy.

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    Re: Jordan peterson

    Quote Originally Posted by blah3 View Post
    Iím going to comment on why people probably are not watching and then engaging to the degree you would like. Now for me, (and i know this is not most) its a video. Donít really want to watch a video and really cant when im on this board. But more importantly, (and this probably applies to most here) the video is 20 minutes long. I donít have 20 minutes to view something that may or may not make a point, or more importantly take 20 minutes to see a 15 second point. This is primarily a short form format.
    Spot on. I generally don't like to watch videos on my phone.

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    Re: Jordan peterson

    Jordan got me out of Liberalism. Awesome man, who makes a lot of sense. BUT you have to be open to listening to him.

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    Re: Jordan peterson

    I'm a big fan of his. I actually discovered him through Kevin Samuels (RIP). Whenever they attempt to censor someone, you can believe you probably should be listening to them. Sadly, what used to be common sense is now labeled as hate speech.
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