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    Re: Game Thread - Week 1 - Ravens vs Cincy

    I would like to nominate Lo' Neal for the gameball. Ya see him killin kitties in the 2nd half. Run behind him was good for 5 yards a clip.

  2. Re: Game Thread - Week 1 - Ravens vs Cincy

    Delighted, Delighted, Fookin Delighted. I'm excited for seeing how many wins we can get this season. Can we ride the emotion of a new HC, power running and good D to the playoffs. But more importantly I'm excited to see where we are in the future. Flacco today seemed ready, willing and able to put the entire fan base of his back. It's been one game and he's united a fan base that has fought over QBs for the best part of 12 years.

    Fan freaking tastic!!!!!

    Love It!!!!


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