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Thread: Caitlin Clark

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    Re: Caitlin Clark

    If the team takes a knee or disrespects the USA, I'll be rooting against them. Why should anyone root for a team that represents, but hates their country. There's a time and a place for that and it sure ain't on the Olympic stage where the world is watching. I won't be watching women's basketball either way. I haven't watched the Olympics in years. Great memories in years past though. USA taking the gold in hockey, still gives me chills when I hear Al Michaels with the call. The USA boxing team, back in the Sugar Ray Leonard era with some great American boxers around that time. Leon and Michael Spinks, Howard Davis, Big John Tate to name a few. The Dream team was cool but IMO, started the downfall of the Olympics, allowing professionals to play.
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    Re: Caitlin Clark

    Quote Originally Posted by Terpsfan82 View Post
    Is Angel Reese hated by racists as well? Curious.
    Yes there's many people who aren't WNBA fans but Caitlin Clark fans who think that they need to belittle every aspect of the wnba and other wnba players for Caitlin.

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