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Im engaging in discussion and debate right now, Your post is just attacking me. I think you are being the hypocrite.

If you'd like to make the argument that Transgender people have been historically well accepted in the united states instead of attacking posters, I'd love to hear it

As long as the U.S is a majority christian nation and LGBT is always be antithetical to that.
Well accepted? That is impossible to quantify in any case, but I would not say "well accepted." However, is someone else does you can't say they are wrong, only that you see it differently. He might be thinking "they aren't killed here like in many places, so they are well accepted."

Most Christians I know have no issue with letting people live as transgenders if they want. I wouldn't say it is antithetical to Christianity. Many Christians are quite affirming of LGBTQ people. Others, like me, see it as their business but that it is not what is best for them in the long run.

I don't know any Christians that are for beating them up or forcing them to live as we do. AAMOF, Christians are probably the most tolerant people in regard to live and let live. It's the teaching of Jesus. It doesn't mean we or Jesus approve of certain lifestyles, but we are instructed to not force anybody to live any way.

And if you doubt this, where freedom of religion is part of the culture, those are mostly Christian based (or historically were) cultures.