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    Re: MNF outcome - Ravens fans preference?

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    Canít root for a guy that assaulted 22 women. Go Steelers.
    So bizarre that no grand jury ever decided to indict him. Especially at the height of #MeToo.

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    Re: MNF outcome - Ravens fans preference?

    Yeah I don't believe an innocent man was accused by 30+(?) Women, paid so many settlements, accepted the NFLs 11 games and $5million dollar fine.

    Settling out of court every time was His decision. There are estimates he may have paid between 30 to 50 million in settlements and that's aside from legal fees.

    That's an innocent man??

    "Chooses to settle 20 of the 24 cases"

    Innocent man???

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    Re: MNF outcome - Ravens fans preference?

    A giant meteor might have caused fewer injuries.


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