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Thread: RB help

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    RB help

    Edge at Denver
    McGahee va Miami

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    Re: RB help

    Miami is only slighty behind us in terms of D's that are playing out of their minds right now...With Denver spiraling out of control Id take a chance on Edge who seems to have found his way a bit the last few weeks

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    Re: RB help

    Edge is playing at home vs. Denver, actually. But I'd still go with McGahee. I don't trust the Cardinals to let Edge get into the end zone without subbing him for Shipp. I think the Bills will lean on McGahee to try to set up Lee Evans.

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    Re: RB help

    I would wait and see how AZ run game looks before starting Edge this year. I took all sorts of guys ahead of him on my list.....he is old..and the line has sucked pretty bad in years past.


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