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    Re: Cards release Nuk

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    He had one noteworthy injury. The other issue was a suspension.
    He has had like ten injuries over the past three seasons and missed seventeen games just over the past two seasons, of which ten or eleven games were because of injury. It is certainly looking like his body is starting to fail him. It would also explain testing positive for ostarine, of which he missed several games last year as well. Obviously he was trying to find an edge due to his body regressing.

    His play dropped off in '21(not one 100 yd game) so he had to use PEDs to try and get back to playing at a high level. The odds of him dropping even further off than he did in '21 are pretty high without the ostarine. It's a pretty big gamble to give him $15m when the FO already took a big gamble on OBJ. That said, I'm pretty nervous about the WR room as-is staying healthy.

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    Re: Cards release Nuk


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