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Thread: Playoff QB help

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    Playoff QB help

    I have a stacked team, except at QB I have slim pickings :bag: . Looking for advice on who to start in this weeks playoff matchup. And I am going against LT so every point could be crucial.

    Leinart vs Denver
    Cutler @ Arizona
    Brad Johnson @ NY Jets

    I am between Leinart & Cutler really. Thanks!

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    Re: Playoff QB help

    It's a miserable week for pinch-hitting QBs, as far as I'm concerned. The easy plays, guys like P. Manning, Brady, and Palmer, all have solid matchups. The rest? Not so much.

    If McNair is available, he's a better option than anyone on your roster. But at this point someone probably has him. Ditto for Brett Favre.

    The one guy I'm tempted to look for here is Jeff Garcia. He has played well since getting the starting job and while he's on the road against a good team this week, he'll be facing a defense that's still riddled with injuries. The secondary of the Giants is not particularly strong.

    If you're committed to one of the guys on your roster, I'd have to vote for Leinart. The Broncos defense isn't bad, but I just can't pick a rookie on the road, and Brad Johnson has been miserable lately. Leinart is at least starting to heat up a bit. But I think I'd bet on Garcia, playing a game that really matters, over Leinart, playing out the string.

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    Re: Playoff QB help



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