Filmstudy is interviewing @SigmundBloom for his first Know Your Foe - episode this week.

He's doing the interview Wednesday (tomorrow) afternoon

So if you all have any questions please write them here and I'll try to get them to Ken by tomorrow around noon.

@SigmundBloom is a Steelers fan and is a Co-owner of footballguys a really great fantasy football service. He's very knowledgeable, super nice and high energy. I like the podcasts Ken does with both Sigmund and the other he does usually with Alex Kozura - both are highly knowledgeable and fun to listen to.

Any way, get your questions in now if you want to ask any burning questions.

Also I'll note that footballguys is one of the two services I use for fantasy football (@RosterWatch is the other) I don't bother with anyone else. Both have YouTube shows that are free and worth checking out.