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    Quote Originally Posted by TheOrioleWay View Post
    Shit, don't bring up the moon on this thread or you'll get the flat earth guy started again
    Im curious if that guy thinks the moon is flat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by usmccharles View Post
    Can we just send that dude to the moon so he's forgotten about

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    Quote Originally Posted by blah3 View Post
    I’m curious if that guy thinks the moon is flat.

    Blah, Blah and blah- I never said the Earth was Flat as it is not completely Flat and my understanding is the Moon is a plasma ball, inside the Firmament as written, and why NASA are frauds and nothing but a cartoon show. Anyhow, if you were to get a tele or p900 and just view what the Planets are really (Wondering Stars), they don't even appear to be solid objects. More like non-solid Luminaries. But everyone is presented a different depiction.

    TheOrioleWay- I contributed to your thread, agreeing with your outlook on the ridiculousness of Disney and hopefully my comment answering blah does not take your thread off-topic more than me answering blah, here. So blah, blah, blah, and anyone else- If you want any more info, just send me a message and Ill reply when I can.

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