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To avoid any Lamar or Harbs or Roman bias I texted this photo to a Cowboys fan friend of mine who interned at a d1 schools football team a few years ago. His response was this

"0 ability to expand the field, everything goes to the same place. It is wild, weird and unheard of TBH"

How many times is an analyst going to post this before people realize we go nowhere with this offense.

Great post!

You should ask your friend to pull up some Ravens videos and get some in depth analysis on their opinion and create a thread on it. I would love to read it.

The statement "Everything goes to the same place".

I have said this before pertaining to Andrews. Pull up Andrews highlights. He runs the most basic TE seam routes. Why he is so productive is because he is just hands down better than most TES in the league, and he is better usually than the competition he is facing. He just beats his guy.

You will see him run the same shit over and over, the only difference is he will switch hash marks.

I struggle even calling this rec league. My sons pee wee football team when they were like 12 years old were running better routes.