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Thread: Artemis

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    Re: Artemis

    Quote Originally Posted by jonboy79 View Post
    We don’t want Gleason to explain it, we want YOU to.

    We aren’t asking you to go somewhere to learn what we are telling you, we are telling you because we understand them.

    Tell us what it is that YOU actually understand…

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    How many times do I need to explain the local lights traverse circuits depending on the time of the year before it sinks in? I get tired of repating myself, so the map is to help you stop asking the same questions over and over but just in different ways.
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    Re: Artemis

    Quote Originally Posted by MacMunin View Post
    Incorrect. The distance and your model lends against what we see in this realm. Based on the model, a Sun sitting at 93 million miles away does not lend to such differeing temps on a ball at the "poles", regarldess of tilt. Injectting Ice into the scenario is almost laugable, since it would also be evidence against the nonsesne you are fed. It actually proves my point even more, that a ball at 93 million miles would not lend to a "land full of Ice" at one pole whie the opposite takes place at the other.

    Why cant the Sun be seen constantly at the North? Really? Please go check out the updated gleasons provided. You have it yet or would you like me to repost the link? Here it is:
    Read up on Albido.

    This was kindergarten science. I vividly remember putting water in a paint can painted white, and another painted black, putting them out in the sun and then measuring their temps an hour later.

    Itís also not the distance created by the tilt that matters, it is the angle the sunís rays approach the land from.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MacMunin View Post
    So youre nothing more than a robot, a regurgitaitng mouthpiece /extension of your Governments psychological babble to supress any Truth.

    I have already explaine the history of "Satlelites" and explained it came from the imagination of Authur C. Clarke and that all of international comms are through burired fiber optics. A link was also supplied where NASA has an actual facility they launch these things from and also explained why you will see repeater buoys in the Ocean. If salelites existed, you wouldnt need these.
    Uhh, no. That is not how communications work. Yes, you need fiber optics or old style copper (no longer used) from cell towers for the last mile to the central office. However, I have worked with satellite companies. You have to account for transponder delay which can be as high as 400ms and not suitable for certain VoIP transmissions. Buoys in the ocean are normally used for scientific measurements relayed to satellite transponders. However, international calls typically DO NOT use satellites. They use buried oceanic cables in systems like Apollo or Yellow and do not use oceanic buoys at all. Repeaters are spliced into the cables which terminate onto wire racks in landing sites. Satellites used for voice communications are typically for remote areas not serviced by cell or landline.

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    Re: Artemis

    Quote Originally Posted by MacMunin View Post
    Anyone with any sense knows it is impossiball for people to be walking upside down South of the Equator. What was that mumbo jumbo about blood and brain you tried to pass off before? LOL. Amazing!!!!!!!!
    Well, they arenít upside down Down there, since gravity pulls straight towards the center of the Lola et, it doesnít matter where you are, you are always straight up.

    Once again, this is actually the simplest and most elegant proof for a globular earth, thanks for the assist once again.

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