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    Re: Game Thread Ravens @ Patriots 9/25

    Quote Originally Posted by Ravenswintitle View Post
    thanks Don,
    have plenty of supplies and the shutters ready to go but won't put them up unless things change. Think we will just get tons of rain and win.

    the reverse surge already started - sucking water out past the peir and canals dry... once the eye passes it will reverse and flood
    Stay safe man. This one looks pretty nasty. My younger brother has a house in Belleaire Beach pretty much right in the projected path. Luckily they are up here for the summer but he plans to drive down Friday to check on things and assess the damage.

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    Re: Game Thread Ravens @ Patriots 9/25

    World Domination 3 Points at a Time!

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    Re: Game Thread Ravens @ Patriots 9/25

    Question - With both the Ravens and Pats being AFC teams - Why was the game on FOX?

    Thought CBS shows all the Sunday AFC games, and FOX gets the NFC Sunday games.


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