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    Re: I'll start it!

    I guess I should make an honest woman of her soon, particularly given the increasing amount of crap I get about it from my fellow tailgaters...

    Who would that be, Ben?

    Ah..let's see. Grew up in Glen Burnie (the nice part), went to Old Mill HS, then to technical school to be a whiz-bang computer programmer. Ended up bouncing around Millersville, Severna Park, then to southern PA, now back in the People's Republic of Maryland, in Parkville (nowhere near "Bob") where my fiancee and I are enjoying life with her son and my youngest son, whom I just successfully wrestled away from battle-axe #2. A couple of hours and a few beers and you might want to buy the screenplay to that tragedy, trust me no-one could dream it up.

    Never did like programming, but did like operations and management. Transitioned into a career in IT security and compliance a few years ago. It pays the bills, including those of two battle-axes

    Was a Colts fan starting in 1972. Wondered for a while why dad threw his shoes at the TV muttering "Joe Thomas...". Witnessed the great 1975 season and the emergence of a true warrior at QB, Bert Jones. Listened to Chuck Thompson call the 1977 Christmas Eve double-OT palyoff game on radio. Went to as many games as I could. Loved that team, and was heartbroken on March 28, 1984. Couldn't quite throw my soul into the Stallions, but was on top of the world on November 6, 1995. Football was back! Attended many games, what memories. The Denver playoff game, the coldest one of all. The Bengal game in '03 with The Arrogant Moderator, cold as shit but loud as any since JAX '00. The Seattle game in '03. Yup, I stayed. Got my first season tickets in 2004 (Section 536).

    Started posting on the YBR board early in 2002, and hooked up with many members at the tailgate. I've been a fixture since, with so many great Ravens fans and honestly great people. So here I am, and I am looking for great things from this board.

    WORLD CHAMPIONS 2000 * 2012

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    Re: I'll start it!

    Grew up in Glen Burnie (the nice part), ...
    Me too, in the nice NEW section of Glen Burnie Park!

    ... there was no sign Greg, or whoever said there would be one!).
    I don't think I said there would be a sign, are you coming tomorrow? If so I will PM you the type of vehicle to look for and my cell number to find us.

    And Stinger, if you are into that Tony Gonzalez isn't too bad.

  3. Smile Re: I'll start it!

    Born and raised in and around Baltimore...married, twin daughters in college. A Colts fan since I could breathe, endured the 12 lost years before welcoming the Ravens.

    Webmaster of “better than a halftime quickie” for 3 years, including the Super Bowl year, a truly magical journey. Wrote a weekly Ravens column for Comcast’s InYourTown web site and sparred with Ken Rosenthal (a great sport) on a regular basis.

    Had the distinct privilege of partnering with Steve Gardner and the legendary Ravens Nest 2 board, providing content, contests and general goofiness. “Big Steve” may be the most underappreciated man in the internet sports world and I wish him great fortune.

    The thing that I am most happy about, however, is having introduced some top quality long-time members to the board, members like BaltimoreRon, a died-in-the-wool Ravens fan but more importantly, a class act in every way. Ron, myself and others had “rival” sites at the time but went out of our way to promote each other’s space, as we shared a common love of the Ravens --that’s all that mattered. We had no interest in promoting ourselves, only the team, which was still relatively young. That kind of unselfishness and teamwork is rare these days and I’ll never forget those times. The world would be a much better place if there were more...uh, BaltimoreRons. :)

    Closed the site in 2002 to enjoy more family time and to pursue other interests.

    Other tidbits..…

    Member of a short-lived vaudeville team in the late 90’s, “Bigravensfan & J.T. Facts”, until my partner was committed to a sanitarium in Ohio.

    Introduced the founding members to steriods (before testing) , Gerg & Mr. T had 3 posts between them & Fanatic didn’t know what an exclamation point was until I hooked them up….it’ll all be in my book.

    Led an unsuccessful campaign to institute a national holiday in honor of actress Drew Barrymore (was dragged off the Congressional building steps and beaten).

    Co-authored two books, “Tub Swimming Made Easy” and “Green Eyes: A Pez Addiction”.

    Currently involved in fatherhood, finance, web site optimization, writing and gearing up for another season of the Baltimore Ravens!
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    Re: I'll start it!

    And Stinger, if you are into that Tony Gonzalez isn't too bad.
    You know what's funny? My wife said that while she was looking at the picture. But when I got up she was still looking at the picture.

    I finally had to turn the computer off.

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    Re: I'll start it!

    Okey doke, here we go. My real name is Tom, and I'm a ninteen year old rising junior at the University of Maryland, College Park. I was born in Ba'er Yaakov, Israel, and I've held dual citizenship since the moment I was born. I actually got a draft notice when I was seventeen, and I had to go to the Embassy in Washington to get an exemption. If I ever moved back, I would have to serve. From grades 1-12 I attended Yeshivat Rambam, and probably none of you knows what in the hell that is, even though it's right in Baltimore on Park Heights Avenue.

    I'm currently breezing through school at a record pace. I'm an accounting/finance/economics triple major. Sure, I have a 4.0, but that's because Maryland doesn't weight +/- grading into GPAs (yet). If they did, mine would be 4.09, which very well could be the highest cumulative among 20,000 undergrads (at least according to my adviser). I wish my classes would be harder, but it's really allowed me to enjoy college A LOT. By far greatest time of my life.

    I've been on the Maryland boxing team for the past two years. There is no NCAA boxing (long story short, someone died in the 50's, so it's been banned since then), so although it's technically just a club sport, it's the highest level of collegiate boxing. I'm calling it quits after last year because of the time commitment - essentially the same as if it were a varsity sport - because I'd like to have time to get involved in other extracurriculars. I'm in a theatre troupe when I can squeeze the time, and I also work as a local marketing rep for a big entertainment marketing company based in LA, which is a lot of fun and some nice supplemental income. Once I figure out exactly what field I want to enter, I'll probably be hitting up a professional organization - probably ABA or FBIS.

    Didn't have the male role model growing up, so I had to figure the whole sports thing out on my own. And I'm damn glad I did. I love my Ravens, Terps, and yes, even Orioles, and I don't know what I'd do without them.

    I could probably ramble about tons of other stuff. I'm currently addicted to Final Fantasy XI (yes, I can be a jock and a nerd at the same time - in fact, I'm quite good at it). If anyone has played an MMO before, you'll know what I'm talking about. I love any kind of competition. I like to chill as much as I like going out, and I definitely as happy that I have the free time to do what I want on weekends (though Saturdays and Sundays fall semester are pretty much completely booked solid). Yes, I do still have time for girls with all that stuff. I had a wonderful girlfriend with whom I was (am?) very much in love, but we're taking some time right now because, as bad as it sounds, we both feel that we shouldn't "waste" college on one relationship. Smart money says we get back together, maybe sooner than we think.

    Speaking of which, if you've been on YBR for more than a few months, you know that my absolute passion is the NFL draft. I spend countless hours and hours not only watching college football, but learning about players, seeing different viewpoints, and forming diverse, complete opinions. By the time draft day rolls around, I'm operating almost completely on "feel" rather than reports, and I think a lot of GMs work that way, too. I don't want to toot my own horn, lest my, er, critics get upset, but I make s list of players I "like" and players I "don't like" before each draft, and I seem to be in tune pretty well with FOs, because many of the players on my "like" list went earlier than expected and the opposite for the "don't like" list. I make no claims to being perfect, but this is my love. Honestly, I probably love it as much as the game itself.

    Erm... What else? I forget. If you wanna know anything else, just ask me!
    ERIG20, your local draftnik

    Signature currently under construction

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    Re: I'll start it!

    Hi my name is Tim and I'm an alcoholic. Whoops wrong board:D I'm 21 years old and absolutely love football. I've been a diehard fan since the Ravens came to Baltimore. Growing up I was told all about the Baltimore Colts by my family. Johnny Unitas actually used to visit a friend of his that lived right across the street from me. I was born and raised in Baltimore and will probably die in Baltimore. I'm really into music and play both guitar and bass. I grew listening to music like Kiss and Motley Crue. My older brother played that type of stuff all the time and it stuck with me.

    Well I guess that's enought about me for now. I look forward to meeting new people here, and contributing to this board in a positive way.

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    Re: I'll start it!

    Lots of musicians here. Maybe we can get a band started.
    It's a new season! It's a new day!

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    Re: I'll start it!

    Heck yeah. :) TT can play guitar. I'll defer the piano to you (since I have a feeling you're probably the better technical player than me), and I'll do synth and bass.

    Any drummers here at 24x7?

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    Re: I'll start it!

    First thing I wanna thank Mista T., for letting me know about this forum and how people are coming over here from RavensInsiders.

    I've been a season ticket holder since 1996 when the Ravens came here.
    I own 3 lowerbox seats in section 124 on the 20 yard line. I've been known to be on TV and on the jumbo tron alot with FanMan and Ravenmaniac because of my seat location and yes I have been a few of the ravens free programs that they hand out when you walk through the gates. :D

    I was born and raised in Baltimore and love all kinds of sports but football is my #1 passion.
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    Re: I'll start it!

    I'll keep the ball rolling...

    My name is Matt, was in Maryland from the time I was in second grade or so (escaped from philly's jersey 'burbs) until I left Maryland for college. I was in Harford County, so if any of you happened to swim or run track then you probably ran into me. Never played organized football, though my high school coach got pissed at my buddy Jeremy and I cause we never played for him (we both made the state track meet in the 100m dash).

    Used to play a lot of trumpet when I was younger, it was during the summer of ska or the swing revolution (whichever you want to call it)...funny how long that lasted...haha.

    Since then went to cleveland (case western reserve not a militiary school) and watched the Ravens win the superbowl behind a locked door with my Balt-DC area Ravens crew. Nothing like running around campus celebrating then realizing that you'll probably get killed...

    Since then worked for a bit as a mechanical design engineer, but now I am back in school again at the university of illinois for law school. I must be some kind of sadist.

    It's always been a struggle for me to be able to watch Ravens games, even more now that I don't live in a city in the same division. Who wants to watch the NFC north? >< But it's been a ritual to get to a bar that has the game along with fantasy football.

    Nice to hear things about everyone, looking forward to talking about Ravens football.

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    Re: I'll start it!

    I was born (too many years ago to count) and raised in upstate New York, the product of a Maryland native Colts Fan Mother and a Western PA native Squeeler Fan Father. I have always taken after my mother.

    I moved to Buffalo for a few years (OJ era, actually) but had a hard time giving up my allegiance to the Colts so I finally moved to Maryland. The second year of my season ticket owning, the devil stole my team and broke my heart. I had to revert to being a Bills fan again. At least the Bills were regularly in the Super Bowl.

    The day the Ravens put the application form for PSLs in the Sun, I cut it out, filled it out, and sent it in. I'm one of the "originals" whose name is on the wall. I have not yet missed a Ravens game and, death aside, don't plan to either.

    I have bounced around messages boards (CNNSI, Ravenstalk, several versions of the Insiders) for years, always as some version of "Bird Fan". Some of the people I met through the boards have become good friends.

    I'm a proud member of Ravens Nest 10 (the good part of Glen Burnie) and you can find me tailgating in Lot J before every home game. Sometimes I make soup.

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    Talking Re: I'll start it!

    Whats Up boys,

    I was Born and raised in Brooklyn New York. I grew up in the Sheepshead bay area, which is right next to Brighton Beach and very close to Coney Island.

    Before moving to NOVA I had worked in Several restaurants in Philadelphia and New York city as a chef (I've actually worked at the four seasons and Tavern on the Green). After a while I found the joy and simplicity of running two Pizzeria's for a good friend of mine in NYC. It was fun but the time that I spent managing the stores made me move in a different direction. One day I might do it again. I have to say it is very satisfying.

    Currently I work in the IT department of my company taking care of web development, Network issues with our servers and on occassion help desk issues, . Its easy work and have lots of time to devote towards reading about the ravens and fantasy football

    I was able to get season tickets to the Ravens before I moved from my home in NYC before I moved to NOVA. I was stunned that it was so easy considering that in NY/NJ the two teams have like 20 year wait lists. When I got the tickets I denounced my loyalties towards the Jets and Made the Ravens my primary Football team. I still follow the Jets but I now Bleed Purple. However even though I switch my loyalties in the NFL my MLB team will always be the NY YANKEES.

    Im done


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