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    Re: I'll start it!

    Good idea.
    Born in Baltimore, attended U of Maryland where I played lacrosse and than went to grad school at Florida State. Worked as an intern for The Colts in the scouting department and refused to go with them after the move. Got a job with the Bears in their scouting department where I worked for five years.
    Left and got into the investment banking industry, working at the Board of Trade in Chicago. I lived there until 1995 when I had a five year exile in Indinapolis working on an investment deal. Moved to California in 2000, first to Newport Beach and than to San Diego where I've been for five years.
    I've been a season ticket holder of the Ravens since day one, and travel to at least three games a year at home and several on the road. I had the pleasure of working with Steve on the banking deal when he bought the Ravens and have also worked with others in the front office.
    While the Bears and Chargers( who were always a favorite when Unitas went there) are still teams I follow, the Ravens are the team I bleed for.
    On the side I coached HS football and basketball at Vista HS in suburban San Diego until the last year when I had a health issue that has really had me cut back on hobbies, traveling etc.. I've had the pleasure of meeting other board members in AZ, san Diego and of course Baltimore. Hopefully health willing I'll be able to meet more of you in the coming season.

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    Re: I'll start it!

    Quote Originally Posted by BaltimoreRon
    Very well. Where do I begin? My father was a relentlessly self-improving boulangerie owner from Belgium with low-grade narcolepsy and a penchant for buggery. My mother was a 15-year old French prostitute named Chloe with webbed feet. My father would womanize, he would drink. He would make outrageous claims like he invented the question mark. Sometimes he would accuse chestnuts of being lazy. The sort of general malaise that only the genius possess and the insane lament. My childhood was typical. Summers in Rangoon, luge lessons. In the spring we'd make meat helmets. When I was insolent, I was placed in a burlap bag and beaten with reeds. Pretty standard-really. At the age of 12, I received my first scribe. At the age of 14, an Zoroastrian named Vilma ritualistically shaved my testicles. There's nothing like a shorn scrotum, it's breathtaking I suggest you try it.

    Also, I like pancakes.
    LOL, BTW, nothing beats a shorn scrotum.:D

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    Re: I'll start it!

    Bez - I applied to be an evil programmer.

    sean - haven't you learned your lesson about posting in personal information threads?

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    Re: I'll start it!

    Quote Originally Posted by BaltimoreRon
    Bez - I applied to be an evil programmer.

    sean - haven't you learned your lesson about posting in personal information threads?
    Obviously not, but I figured there is nothing new I'm posting that the pyscho didn't already know about me. You think I should edit it out?

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    Re: I'll start it!

    Wow, a pic of DRay. You look NOTHING like I expected.

    As for me, I'm 24 (soon to be 25). I live in Perry Hall with my girlfriend (Giants fan but slowly converting her to the good side), and one of my good friends who rents my extra room. I work for the federal government as a database administrator at a large agency that has its headquarters in Woodlawn. (I'm sure you can guess which one). I've been a huge Ravens fan since they moved here when I was 14, and I try to make it out to as many games a year as I can despite not yet having a PSL. I met many board veterans on Christmas last year at the Vikings game and tailgate and enjoyed meeting you all.

    In my spare time, I enjoy drinking large quantities of alcohol in the Fells Point area, and you can find me there every weekend. Check me out on Myspace if you'd like to know more or see a pic for some reason:

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    Re: I'll start it!

    Ron, I had no idea. Did Mike Meyers pay you any royalties for portraying you.

    We live in Westminster and have an english bulldog named Bogey.
    Amy is going to pick up our new dog Saturday, a 1 year old Beagle named...BOGEY!

    I live in Westminster on the rolling .11 acres of The Windbag Estates with my wonderful wife, Amy and our two children, Joey and Allison.

    I am a struggling entrepenuer who sells hot tubs and saunas. As such I send out "direct mail" pieces to many Carroll County residents.

    My intro to football was at birth. My dad was a Colts season ticket holder. He took my older brother for years. When I was 6 my brother couldn't go because he was sick. My mom convinced my dad to take me, he figured a 6 year old wouldn't make it through a game or know what was going on but my mom knew better since I was locked on the tube for the games. Anyway, after the game my dad decided to get me a season ticket for the following year but the only thing available were end zone seats (in those "new" bleachers that were added for football). Anyway, we all 3 squeezed into the upper deck seating (thank goodness for bench seats and my small 7 year old ass). We kept those tickets until the back-stabbing drunk stole the team and left.

    When the Ravens came I was working Sundays so I couldn't go to many games. I was also somewhat apprehensive about supporting a stolen team. But once the Browns were assured of return it became easy and in 1999 I changed jobs and got season tickets just in time for 2000. Our first game in our new seats was the Jacksonville comeback. My first two away trips were both Pittspuke, December of 1999 with a few of the old folks around here and the second was opening day in 2000 when we shut them out.

    I paid this British guy a small fortune and he made me a moderator of his boards which gave me the chance to be the Condescending, Arrogant, Pompous Windbag I had always dreamed of being.

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    Re: I'll start it!

    Quote Originally Posted by Greg
    Amy is going to pick up our new dog Saturday, a 1 year old Beagle named...BOGEY!
    Since i know ur a golf fan (we played years ago) this is a good choice Greg.
    M&T Bank Stadium - Section 513
    Proud Season Ticket Holder since 1998

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    Re: I'll start it!

    I'm 30 originally from Bel Air where my family still lives. Graduated Bel Air high school, screwed around in college initially but eventually went back (UMUC) to get my BS degree in Information systems. I live in Newark, DE and currently work in Philly for a financial services (mainly stocks and options trading) company in the IT department. I am considered one of the few "unix guys" in our department. Been working with Sun Solaris systems since 99 and Linux boxes since 2001.

    Before the Colts left:
    I went to a couple of Colts games in 82 and 83 when I was 7 and 8 starting my love for football.

    After the Colts left:
    Guided by my dad, I became a very big College Football fan mainly routing for the Terps and Penn State. I still watched the NFL, but didn't really have a favorite team and mainly routed for teams I disliked to lose.

    Expansion Derby:
    Initially I enjoyed opening the paper and reading about what the new rumors were about Baltimore eventually getting an expansion team. I figured we had it in the bag compared to the other cities we were up against. I remember at one time actually being hopeful that the Cardinals would move to Baltimore so we could play the Redskins twice a year. I was obviously dissapointed that Baltimore wasn't awarded an expansion team during the expansion derby. After expansion was over the rumors started flying about the Patriots, Bucs, Bengals, Saints etc. moving to Baltimore, which eventually made me lose interest with all of the speculation always ending in rejection. Even after the news leaked of the Browns moving to Baltimore I remember thinking that the NFL would still find a way to screw us out of a team. When the Ravens actually took the field against the Raiders in the first official game it was like a dream finally realized.. a goal finally reached.. I was hooked. Even after the first few losing seasons I was just happy to have a NFL team of my own to route for and lose my voice over.

    After the Ravens:
    I got a job in Delaware in 1998, but the Ravens became my excuse to go back home and either go to a game or watch the game on tv with my dad. I go to 5 or 6 games every year and otherwise just deal with the friendly trash talk from the eagles fans here in Northern Delaware when I'm out with my Ravens gear on.
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    Re: I'll start it!

    My old handle was mohara.

    My folks are both from Baltimore.

    My dad went to Mt. St. Joes, turned down a track scholarship to go to the Naval acadamy.

    I live in Derwood, not Rockville, not Northeast Bethesda, not Southwest Olney, not Gaithersburg. DERWOOD.

    I was about 18 when the Colts left and was devastated.

    I'm an IT guy specializing in integration work.

    I've got a wife and two girls with another girl on the way (shoot me now, kidding, my girls are wonderful).

    Mista T invited me here. I was one of the Sunspot people that defected to Ravensnest2.

    I'm not sure if I will stick with Moe the Crow but it has more pizazz than mohara.
    -"You are about to enter a world of pain."

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    Re: I'll start it!

    Greg - no royalties but the Dr. Evil character was based on me.

    sean - you're fine. Like you said, not much he doesn't already know.

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    Re: I'll start it!

    Resume: H.S.: Edmondson High School. B.A. (Psychology) UMBC. M.A. (Psychology) U. of Baltimore. Ph.D. (Psychology) UMBC.

    Work at Kennedy Krieger Institute. I also have been a jazz pianist since the age of 8. I am also Director of Music at a church in Silver Springs, Md. (That makes it rough for me to make most games).

    Demographics: African American. Married. Age 31. I have a wonderful son. Love the diversity of Columbia.

    - Was known as Superboller1, but I retired the username. Now, I am PurpleRulz. (What is funny is that folks at OH thought I was Nestor).

    - I did not have an attachment with the Colts. They left at a time that I just followed baseball. I consider myself a pure Ravens fan.

    - I loved the Orioles until Peter Cottontail Angeloser ran them into the toilet and down the toxic waste pipe.

    - I was a member of the Sunspot board, but a poster told me about the ravens scout board.

    -I was a member of orioleshangout for a brief second, and purchased their "plus" service, but cancelled it because it is just stuff you can get from and from baseball america. I was banned from OH telling the truth about that joke of a franchise. It won't get better until Angelos sells. MASN won't help, because Angelos does not know what players to spend money on. I digress.

    - I forgot what year I joined the Ravens scout board (I believe 2004), but I purchased the plus service.

    - The board at scout just got too juvenile, and I was at a point of discontinuing posting over there. It was just ridiculous.

    - I am glad to have this new board to talk. I would like to get to know you guys/gals.

    - It is great to be a part of a new board. I respect what Tony and the crew is doing at this board.

    - Win or lose, I love the Ravens. I have jerseys galore for myself, wife and son.

    -Hopefully the rumor of us having more 4:00pm games come to fruition. It allows me to get to some more games.

    - I have never been to OPACY. At first the reason was because I was a poor college student. Now, I just refuse to give Angelos my money. I am thinking about going to the rally which would mark my first time at OPACY. My last baseball game attended was September of 1988 at Memorial Stadium. It was a field trip with the St. Bernardine's Catholic Church.
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    It's a new season! It's a new day!

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    Re: I'll start it!

    I'm 34. Raised in catonsville. Went to high school in Howard County. Attended UMD College Park, then stepped down to UMBC, then stepped down to Catonsville Communitty College, finally stepping down and graduated from a small college in Pittsburgh. I lived in Canton after college with a brief stint in Gainesville, Florida. I have just recently left Canton to move to beautiful and sunny Glen Burnie with my beautiful wife, Donna. I now have two harleys in the garage and a trailer and a pickup on the front lawn. I fit right in.

    I work in the funeral business. As far as football, I grew up a front running 49er fan. I've had raven season tix since they've been here. I have seats in the upper deck endzone, because that's what i could afford when i bought them. Unfortunately I work or am out of town nearly every Sunday there is a home game this season, so I sold this season's tix to a friend of mine that owns a title company. Next season I should be back.

    Good to see so many familiar faces around here.


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