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  1. Re: Just Saying Hello

    I am almost 45 years old, became a Ravens fan as soon as they won a Super Bowl. I apologize for being a bandwagon jumper but I could not see rooting for the Redskins anymore. but since I have stayed on the Ravens bandwagon through the good and bad times I believe that makes me a true fan!

  2. Re: Just Saying Hello

    I lost all respect for the Redskins anyway after they went out and got Albert Haynsworth, so I would have hated the team anyway after that. Haynsworth is the dirtiest player in the NFL, (after Whines Ward of coarse) and should have been banned for life for what he did as Titan.

  3. Re: Just Saying Hello

    So I work as a Tech support level 2 diagnostic trouble shooter,
    Married with no children
    graduated from MIT, but not THAT MIT
    and I bowl twice a week, once with the league, once with the Wife and friends.

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    Thanks for reading, if you want to know more, you will have to message me privately. Have a great day!


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