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    Thumbs up Just Saying Hello

    Resume: Annapolis High, Univ Md, NASA, DOE, Communications Industry, Consulting, Entrepreneur.

    Now, the important stuff:

    • Former Colts fan - season tix for a couple seasons before moving away
    • I lived in N'Awlins for a few years - adopted the 'Aints as my 2nd team back then (no emotional tie today, although I still like going to the Superdome)
    • I went into mourning during the dark days - Stallions, Navy, Terps, but mostly I just went fishing & camping - screw the NFL , I only watched playoffs
    • Ravens season ticket holder from the get-go. Upper deck, where I can see the plays open up. In 10+ seasons, I have missed just one each reg season, preseason, and playoff games due to factors beyond my control. Occasionally I'll snag clubs when it gets too cold for humans to sit outside to watch the game.
    • I was one of the original group of Sunspot Ravens Forum participants, included Fanatic, Greg, Lady Raven, Paulie, BertJonesMyHero, BigRavensFan, Nightman, Prolific, PurpleGuy, MikeK, Ravenous52, theRave - I joined during the 1998 season. (Whatever hapened to Meister?) We resigned en masse in protest of the Sun Gestapo Admin publicizing IP addresses, to join the infantile Ravens Nest 2 Message Board in 1999, which is the ancestor of this board.
    • Tailgate party each home game at the Lot J hangout for many board members. I am usually fully sober at games so I don't miss any action.
    • Mrs T. and I make it to a few Ravens game road trips each season, in my quest to visit every NFL stadium. We usually vacation around these trips.
    • My all-time favorite Ravens highlight was the Banks to Sharpe pass in the 2000 season home opener 39-37 win over Jax. Many others are close seconds, includes McAlister's & Reed's big runbacks on prime time TV, Ray's hit on Eddie George on last play, Ray's INT strip of George, Sharpe's miraculous playoff game catches vs. Broncos and Raiders, A. Wright to M. Robinson jump ball TDs in 44-41 comeback vs. Seattle, Stokley's & Jermaine's SB XXXV TDs.
    • Like Peter Pan, I refuse to grow up, when it comes to Ravens games. My all-time pre-game & post-game highlights both involve Papasmurf and pyromania: once to keep us warm by burning a sorta-dead tree in the tailgate lots, the other by burning a Steelers fan yellow rag.

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    Westminster - Raventown, MD!
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    I'll follow Mista T...

    I'm a 22 year old, originally from Catonsville, I live in Hanover, PA
    Started at Catonsville High School, moved onto UMBC, graduated this past Spring with a B.S. in Information Systems
    I'm engaged to be married in a month, she's a Redskin fan
    I now work at a retirement community corporation in Catonsville, MD as a Systems Analyst for the IT department

    I forget how I stumbled across the Scout board there, but I'd been on for about 2-3 years. I was too young to know the Colts of Baltimore, but I followed the Baltimore Stallions here and remain forever pissed that they were run out of town. I like the Ravens, but we had a PHONEOMENAL CFL team too.

    Unfortunatley, I have still not attended a Ravens game, but now that I have a good job, I'm hoping to get the money together to hit one this season.

    In my spare time, I play a lot of Xbox...mainly MLB, Madden, or shoot 'em up games. Still haven't hooked up Xbox Live though.
    “When I think of a Baltimore Raven - we go in there, we take your lunch box, we take your sandwich, we take your juice box, we take your applesauce, and we take your spork and we break it. And we leave you with an empty lunch. That’s the Baltimore Raven way.” - Steve Smith Sr.

    Call me a Special Teams coach again. I dare you! I double dare you, MFer!

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    Re: I'll start it!

    I'm over 50 ;) I have 3 Browns season tickets in 503 Row 14. I've been a member of Ravens boards since 1999. I have met several members here on my annual 2 week trip to Ocean City in June for Nascar in Dover DE.

    If your going to a game in Cleveland your more then welcome to join us or at least do a shot with us. Our spot is where the police hangout ;)

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    Re: I'll start it!

    Quote Originally Posted by Hooper
    I'm over 50 ;) I have 3 Browns season tickets in 503 Row 14.
    So you were actually alive during the Browns last championship. How was that? :p

    Mods, is there any chance of moving this to the main forum just for a little bit? It's a great thread & I think more people may see it and appreciate it.

    I am 37, engaged to be married in June of '07, honeymoon in Sicily (my fiance's birthplace). Born and bred in Baltimore, a Colts, then a CFL's/Stallions, then a Ravens fan. Member of the Scout board for 1 1/2 years & I am very thankful to a very special Mod to be invited here. I keep hearing about the old days when everyone got along on the board & I hope this is the same kind of place. Thanks again.

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    Re: I'll start it!

    I’ll play along.

    I was born and raised in Covington, VA…a small town near Roanoke on the western side of the state. I lived in the same house with my parents until I went to college at the University of Virginia, where I majored in government.

    I originally intended to go to law school, but I couldn’t make it work financially…so I went to work instead. I bounced around a few jobs I didn’t like until I finally landed with a division of Bell South in Atlanta. Through a contact I made there, I found a job in Lancaster, PA. I was fed up with the big city and the burbs, so I made the move. That’s where I met my wife. In 2002, she gave me the most wonderful gift I have ever received: my daughter Julia.

    We settled in Millersville. I eventually took another job as an account coordinator for a junk mail company (that’s “direct mail” to you). I enjoyed the work, even though it was very sporadic…I was paid well, and that’s what mattered.

    Err, yeah…the “sporadic” part: a lot of our business relied on non-profit companies for clients, but the major part of our business was politics…you know, all those solicitations for money from candidates running for office? That used to be me sending that stuff to you if you happened to fall on the Republican side of the aisle.

    I say used to be, because the owner and VPs of the company I worked for, in their infinite wisdom, concentrated far too much of their sales efforts on the political side of the business. When the 2004 campaign was over, poof!!! Most of their business went with it. I hung on through a few rounds of layoffs until my number came up last August.

    I was called into HR and told that they valued me as an employee, but facts were facts, and my job was ending in September. I could leave now or stay on…they would appreciate it if I stayed. I did, working as long as I could, but my last day finally arrived anyway. I told very few people around here (maybe one) what was going on, because I didn’t want it to become fodder for smack any more than I wanted anyone's sympathy.

    In any case, that layoff was a blessing in disguise…my wife and I became closer, and I got to spend more quality time with my daughter as she changed from a toddler into a beautiful little girl who is the pride of my life. We were OK financially, as well.

    As for work, I eventually found a new job with significantly more pay and a little less responsibility. Ain’t it funny how that works? The less you slave, the more you earn. Oh, well…this job beats the living hell out of my previous one. For one thing, I don’t wake up with a four letter word every morning when I hear the alarm.

    Most of you know that I also post under the username DRayRaven. I originally created RavenMad2099 as a way to experiment with avatars and different sig lines. As time went on, it changed into something else. The DRay ID was tied up in the politics forum, and it soon became synonymous with a particular point of view…so much so that I was uncomfortable using it on YBR. RavenMad2099 gave me the opportunity to be less serious and just have fun talking about football without necessarily being immediately associated with politics….so I kept it, and I even recreated it over here at the new place. I don’t plan on having as strict a separation between the two anymore…I’ll just use whichever I feel like using wherever I feel like using it.

    BTW, I’ve never put “a name with a face” before, so I’ll do so now. This is a picture of me taken at my last birthday party earlier this month. The smiling little girl is my daughter Julia. Judging from her face, she enjoyed the chocolate cake more than I did…lol

    © 2007 DRayRaven Enterprises™. All rights reserved, patent pending.
    The contents of this post may not be reproduced in whole or in part without the express written consent
    of DRayRaven, ProFootball 24x7, the Baltimore Ravens, the National Football League, or related entities.

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    Re: I'll start it!

    I'm over 40 and graduated from Mt St Joe High school. My early college years my BAC level was higher than my grade point average. Became a Police Officer and went back to night school and graduated with a BS while raising 2 young kids. 4 more years to retirement, come on baby.

    I love the beach and own a 2nd home on the shore where I spend all my off time at except during football season.

    I've been a season ticket holder from the start and have only missed 1 game due to my daughters competition. Was a Colt and Stallion fan before the ravens arrived. I tailgate on Lot H and usually arrive around 0800.

    I have been following the site since it was on Ravensnest 2 but don't post much since a certain unnamed poster (Buckdodgers) defamed a fellow brother of mine who was murdered. GKB knows what I'm talking about. Hopefully this board I will participate more.

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    Re: I'll start it!

    I'm Ben, I'm 20 and I'm a Brit.

    Born and raised in Ware (heard all the jokes) Hertfordshire just north of the fine city of London. Currently home for the summer from the University of East Anglia (Norwich) where I'm just about to go into my third (last year) of a degree in Ecology.

    First got into the Ravens by a mix of Madden 97 on the Playstation and by watching on channel 4, didn't properly settle on the Ravens fully as my team until just in time for our Superbowl season though I don't think I really became a big fan of the Ravens until the tail end of the 2001 season (I think it was) when we last won a playoff game. From mid season I started really following the team and got started on message boards in the UK and at YBR the season after that.

    Extremely excited about heading over to my first game this year with three other UKRavens, sitting in section 111 for the home opener against the Raiders and meeting up with the fine folks I've met over the internet. Truly can't wait and the summer is just ticking away in my mind until I can get on the plane to get out to Baltimore for the first time.

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    Re: I'll start it!

    I'm 45, single and have followed the Ravens since their inception. I also supported the Stars and the Stallions when they were in Baltimore. I live in Rockville, Maryland and I'm a proud member of Ravens Nest 9 in Bowie, MD.

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    Re: I'll start it!

    Yes, we'll move it up for a few days.

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    Re: I'll start it!

    Good one T :

    I'm 33 (soon to be 34) married last month. My wife is an Eagles' fan but she grew up outside Philly. She's a Ravens fan now and goes to the games with me. We live in Westminster and have an english bulldog named Bogey. I love to play golf and have a hole-in-one to my credit. Went to Calvert Hall HS, then to UMBC for my BS, Johns Hopkins for my MS and now I'm at Loyola for my MBA. I'm a Data Network Engineer working in Columbia. As my sig says I'm a season ticket holder since 98 and sit in Section 513. Peace. :179422:
    M&T Bank Stadium - Section 513
    Proud Season Ticket Holder since 1998

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    Re: I'll start it!

    I'm 30 originally from Bel Air where my family still lives. Graduated Bel Air high school, screwed around in college initially but eventually went back (UMUC) to get my BS degree in Information systems. I live in Newark, DE and currently work in Philly for a financial services (mainly stocks and options trading) company in the IT department. I am considered one of the few "unix guys" in our department. Been working with Sun Solaris systems since 99 and Linux boxes since 2001.

    Before the Colts left:
    I went to a couple of Colts games in 82 and 83 when I was 7 and 8 starting my love for football.

    After the Colts left:
    Guided by my dad, I became a very big College Football fan mainly routing for the Terps and Penn State. I still watched the NFL, but didn't really have a favorite team and mainly routed for teams I disliked to lose.

    Expansion Derby:
    Initially I enjoyed opening the paper and reading about what the new rumors were about Baltimore eventually getting an expansion team. I figured we had it in the bag compared to the other cities we were up against. I remember at one time actually being hopeful that the Cardinals would move to Baltimore so we could play the Redskins twice a year. I was obviously dissapointed that Baltimore wasn't awarded an expansion team during the expansion derby. After expansion was over the rumors started flying about the Patriots, Bucs, Bengals, Saints etc. moving to Baltimore, which eventually made me lose interest with all of the speculation always ending in rejection. Even after the news leaked of the Browns moving to Baltimore I remember thinking that the NFL would still find a way to screw us out of a team. When the Ravens actually took the field against the Raiders in the first official game it was like a dream finally realized.. a goal finally reached.. I was hooked. Even after the first few losing seasons I was just happy to have a NFL team of my own to route for and lose my voice over.

    After the Ravens:
    I got a job in Delaware in 1998, but the Ravens became my excuse to go back home and either go to a game or watch the game on tv with my dad. I go to 5 or 6 games every year and otherwise just deal with the friendly trash talk from the eagles fans here in Northern Delaware when I'm out with my Ravens gear on.
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    Re: Just Saying Hello

    Can't wait for the steelers game on Sunday. My wife even posted a video of our dog hating the steelers!

    poor Steelers bloggers hate it!


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