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    Re: NAACP Demands Washington Commandersí Jack Del Rio Be Fired For Comments About January 6, George Floyd Riots

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    Just thought I'd leave this here:
    You watch that? And then got me to watch an episode...

    No court took any serious look at evidence. The best that was dug up in the other thread was a seemingly small case like 5 days after election day - and it wasn't a completely unreasonable ruling tbh. The rest would have the judge mental gymnastics the law so nothing interesting ever got looked at.

    Maybe something is out there where they actually "debunked" a significant claim in court. I'll believe it when I see it. But until then, there's plenty of reason to believe all or most judges who got handed one of these cases wanted to sweep it under the rug and avoid at all costs. Would you want to be the first one to expose large scale election fraud? That's a "hell no" for me. I think judges on both sides of the aisle could agree with that for different reasons that aren't exactly crazy.
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