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    Re: Baby Formula Shortage

    Quote Originally Posted by CarrollCoRaven View Post
    Interesting coincidence that the baby formula shortage started around the same time as the Supreme Court abortion leak.

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    Re: Baby Formula Shortage

    Quote Originally Posted by Ortizer View Post
    You can still find it in foreign countries. A combination of fda regs (re: Europe) and the new nafta (Canada) prevent us from importing. Additionally, people have tried ordering from foreign countries, but it apparently doesn't always make it through customs.

    Guess it's worth also mentioning domestic production is down due to an Abbott factory being shut down over bacterial contamination while demand has also spiked due to an increase in births.

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    Yeah, I've been reading up on it all. All this seems to be true and it may not be what some think it is. I try to dig around and get other views on most things and have learned quite a bit on this. least have found conflicting views on it. I'll just leave it at that.

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    Re: Baby Formula Shortage

    Quote Originally Posted by blueridgemtnman View Post
    Found online:

    ‼️TO ALL THE MOMS THAT CANT FIND BABY FORMULA....if you go to Amazon...go to the bottom...change from US to Canada. You can get all the formula you need. They are not having a shortage just the US is. Have it shipped right to your front door ��

    Interesting, if true.
    Just checked, it works.
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