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    Goal Line Blitz - New Football MMORPG

    Just wanted to pass along a new football game I discovered recently that's called Goal Line Blitz. It's an MMO that's still under development (currently in their second season). For those who don't know, an MMO is an online game for a very large number of people. In this one, you create your own players and then manage their skills and career. There's an experience system, so your skills improve over time through training and game experience. You get to receive and accept contract offers and then use your earnings for training and equipment. You can also obtain an entire team and manage it, offering contracts and setting your lineup to compete for a championship. Best selling point: it's completely free. Acquiring more players and teams happens through a "flex point" system; you can buy more flex points for cash or earn them through referrals, and you get enough when you create your account to make 2-3 players, or to make one player and improve him a few times.

    The game has room for improvement, but it's fairly bug-free and has a decent amount to explore. If you decide to give it a try, here's the signup page:

    The front page with the game description is here, but please use the link above if you're going to sign up so it gives credit for a referral.

    Also, if you want any advice on building a player, just send me a PM. Hopefully this can help some of you with the football withdrawal from the long, dull offseason!
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    Re: Goal Line Blitz - New Football MMORPG

    This is good craic this game. I've got four players on the Fresno Ninjas in USA AAA#1 league, 2nd longest winning streak in the entire game I think we own.

    It's good fun if you want to go in depth and own/run a team or if you just want a player on a team. There are some people on there who take it far too seriously but they can be ignored and it's pretty good fun all in all.

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    A MMO Football game! Wow! Must download when I get home. I on a laptop right now in starbucks. Lol


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