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Bynes or Fort or another veteran, or even 2 of the above. There needs to be somebody who knows what they're doing at linebacker.
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I think they need a veteran but I'd probably be with you in that they don't necessarily need Bynes or Fort specifically, especially now that they are changing the defense.
I like Bynes, but I tend to agree with you, BHC, that it doesn't have to be Bynes. And maybe not a Vet, either.

I had laid out a long analysis the other day, speculating on why they felt they needed to move on from Wink. For me it boils down to how his complex scheme was, which in turn limited the type of players they could consider, and even stunt the development of some others.

While I value Bynes for coming in and preventing the scheme from coming apart at the seams...I do think it's fair to expect that a new coordinator with a new scheme will lessen the need for Bynes, and open up the possibility of further developing Queen, Harrison and even Board...while widening what other young talent might fit in ways they would not have worked under Wink.

The "knowing what they are doing at linebacker" factor was elevated in importance under Wink. My expectation is that it won't be under the new scheme.

It could similarly impact the roles and effectiveness of Bowser, Oweh, and Ferguson.

Most years it's making decisions on who to bring back and drafting or signing FAs to fill holes. This off season I think 'revamp' is the right word, and I expect a shift in not only the names on the backs in some cases, but the types of players they bring in (which, said another way, may mean more name changes, and fewer bring-backs, than most years)

Remember when people were saying, 'what are they even going to do with 10 draft picks?' I don't think it is so hard to imagine, now.