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    Thursday Night Observations

    1) Not a very entertaining game -- we were only down 6-0 at the half but it somehow seemed worse than that. As others have pointed out in other threads, McNair was not sharp.

    2) This was the first NFL Network game I've seen, and I'm surprised at how much I didn't like Bryant Gumbel. I've liked him in the past but didn't like him much as a play-by-play guy. Collingsworth was his usual arrogant self. Not that great a team, IMHO.

    3) I don't really like the Ravens on Thursday night. Sunday will seem empty without a Ravens game.

    4) I'm all for players getting along after the game, but did you see Ray and Chad after time expired? I thought they were on the verge of getting a hotel room. Sheesh!

    5) Sam Adams looks even bigger than when he played for us -- that guy is huge. He looks like could swallow a sofa.

    6) If we play the Bengals again this year, I hope our secondary plays more aggresively. They were too soft last night, giving too big a cushion to the receivers.

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    Re: Thursday Night Observations

    Gumble's voice is to girly. Hard to get exicited for your team when a woman is calling the games. They need a real man to do the job. Collinsworth in my opinion wasn't bad. He gave good commentary on both teams and it seemed that Gumble tried to put him in an odd place by constantly mentioning that he had played for Cincy years ago.

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    Re: Thursday Night Observations

    secondary had exactly 0% to do with this loss.

    QB had close to 100%

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    Re: Thursday Night Observations

    Quote Originally Posted by RavensNTerps View Post
    secondary had exactly 0% to do with this loss.

    QB had close to 100%
    I'm sorry, but to blame this loss 100% on the QB makes no sense.

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    Re: Thursday Night Observations

    i agree the QB had way less to do with this loss then the secondary or the lack of pressure on Carson imo... id say secondary 40, lack of pressure 40 and QB 20

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    Re: Thursday Night Observations

    The Bengals scored thirteen freaking points! The offense got zero aside from a lucky non-OPI call. How you can put the blame on the defense for 80% of the game is absolutely astounding.

    It wasn't all McNair, but he played a big part in the loss. He had about 4-5 dropped picks from Jonathan Joseph alone.

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    Re: Thursday Night Observations

    did you see the part of the game where Cincy completed that 7-10 yard pass underneath our secondary playing soft, it only happen about 20 times.

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    Re: Thursday Night Observations

    Gee, I somehow think that if #7 had been the QB, it all would have been blamed on him, so I don't want to hear it wasn't the QB. He was terrible last night. We hold the Bengals to 13 points in Cincinnati & it's not the QB fault we don't score except for a meaningless TD w/ a minute left?

    My 12 year old daughter said last night "What is Ray Lewis doing hugging that guy? He's from the other team. He's acting like he's in love with him." This from a 12 year old!!! The leader of our team shouldn't be getting friendly w/ a team or player, especially one who said he was going to punch him in the mouth.

    They showed Sam Adams weight as 350, it might be closer to 425-430. I have heard stories that he is a big flubber now & he looks like it. The guy looks like he ate a whole living room set.

    This Thursday night game did suck, & not because we lost, but you're right, we have nothing to do on Sunday now. It's like a 2nd bye week during the season.

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    Wink Re: Thursday Night Observations

    Blame the secondary when the Bengals were held to 13 points? Can't agree. I have no problems with the Defense's overall performance. Give credit to Marvin Lewis for the flea flicker when our secondary played the run.

    I'd just as soon forgettabout this disaster, but, since we're ascribing blame: about 80% McNair for the worst Ravens QB performance since the Radio, 5% to the long-snapper or holder, 5% on the muff and 10% to Billick for the playcalling , e.g. pounding the middle with 3 minutes to go and down by 13 points?

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    Re: Thursday Night Observations

    I'm going to blame the defense a whole 0%.

    The offense gets equal blame all the way around.
    QB- McNair was off.
    RB- Jamal had a couple of nice runs but to often got stuffed.
    WRs- Couldn't get open.
    Coaching- I don't agree with the game plan.
    OL- Actually they played alright. I'm just so used to blaming them after a loss...
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    Re: Thursday Night Observations

    The team as a whole was not prepared to play. Five minutes after the game started, I had a bad negative feeling about it. We hardly had the ball at all in the first half. The defense did limit the bengals to 13 overall points. However, they were on the field way too long. There should have been more 3 and outs. We also had too many penalties. That right there is a lack of discipline.

    Secondly, I did not like the game plan. Why we never throw deep is beyond me. We should have tested their secondary since it was obvious that Jamal was getting stuffed at the line most of the time. He did have a few long runs, but not enough to break their defense.

    I also felt the officials favored Cincinnatti. I saw several holding situations which were not called on the bengals, particularly on our defense.

    Simply put, Brian gambled on Thursday by not making this a do or die game. He went easy on the guys hoping for the best, but willing to accept the worst.

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    Re: Thursday Night Observations

    The team, defense included, looked sluggish and at time uninterested. It had a feel like we didn't concider it a must win. More like a game we would like to win, but will still be okay if we don't. I'm sure it had a lot to do with the short week, but its still not something I like to see from what I believe to be a Championship caliber team.

    The Bengal secondary sat all over the short stuff all night. They were daring us to go over their heads, and we never even tried. That was very bothersome, especially late in the game. Send Demetrius outta the slot on a deep corner route against a safety. At some point it must be worth a try.

    Having AD aligned with the 3rd reciever really hurt our blitz packages. They keyed on Bart Scott with man protection. We did only allow 4 3rd down conversions, although it felt like much more.

    Two guys seemed to play with passion late in the game. Ray and Jamal Lewis. They run blitzed a lot on 2nd down, throttling Jamal behind the line and killing our play calling. Would have been nice to have him in more of a rhythm. He wanted to carry the offense, and more inventive playcalling may have allowed him to do that. When given a hole, he ran with a fury.

    We are now in must win situations if we want that bye that we were earning until Thursday. I still expect the best.


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