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    OT: Everson Griffen & Mental Health

    I’m not sure exactly what led to his incident, but I hope he gets the help he needs.

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    Re: OT: Everson Griffen & Mental Health

    Yeah.We've had some mental health discussions on this board that went down hill real fast. (See: antonio brown).

    But let's hope he gets medical help, agreed.
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    Re: OT: Everson Griffen & Mental Health

    The Brown talks went downhill, because he was hurting others, and not willing to seek the help. Even when court ordered, that rarely means much if the person doesn’t want to get the help. It’s like someone going to AA, because they were forced to. And some of us have been in those rooms and know what they actually teach: Self Accountability. And it’s a lesson you don’t learn until you are willing to, no matter who forces you to attend. We weren’t just speaking our personal opinion. We were speaking based on what we know will be explained and taught to him. It’s the mentality we naturally had, yes, which led us to seek the help, but it’s strongly reinforced in those appointments. We were speaking from that perspective. They are not going to show him an ounce of empathy until he shows that he is willing to take ownership of his issues.

    It’s not a ‘I don’t know that something’s wrong’ thing. It’s a ‘I KNOW something’s wrong, but I either don’t care enough or I do care, but want to try and do it myself. Which puts full responsibility even more on that person.

    Brown showed nothing to even make you think that he wanted the help. Griffin got freaked out, sought out help and eventually, they talked him out of the house. They are completely different situations.

    Some of us, Captain and I specifically, took the tough stance we took, because we’ve been through similar processes and understand how you have to take ownership of your own issues and nobody, not even a court, can make you do that.

    Empathy has its place…….after accountability.


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