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Ehhh…. Disagree. Getting a stud P/K/FB etc isn’t good value.

Round 1 is for premium positions, QB, WR, ,OT, Edge, CB….

Maybe Stud S, interior OL, Interior DL, but that has to be BPA at a position of need by a wide margin to have good value.
I agree with this, but I'd throw a really good interior player on either line right into the mix as premium positions, especially late in the first, and I'd have no problem targeting those.

You still need an unusual combination of size and athleticism to be good on eiher line. The first round should be about adding those rare (and expensive) humans.

A genuine Free Safety would be worth a first in theory, because that combination of speed, range and processing is rarer than hen's teeth, but that's exactly why I would never want us to pick one. The sure things like Minkah and Derwin go really high and then the next tier are very hit and miss and if you miss, you're left with another versatile Safety - a Day 3 type of player.

I'd much rather try to find that player through taking multiple later shots at the position unless a stud like Derwin drops (and that would never happen.)