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    Re: Joe Flacco traded back to the Jets...

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    297. My mistake, a whole two games. That somehow diminishes the nearly 300 games? The years? Make no mistake, if Brett Favre played for the Ravens instead of Kyle Boller, this team would have multiple Super Bowls. I really don't understand the Favre haters, his stats can't be undone no matter how insignificant points like how great the Vikings played without him one game makes some kind of difference in his legacy as a football player.

    Continue with the nonsense....

    They are trying to turn it around. Hiring Rivera is a great step. Prior to that, yes I would think they were the NFC version.
    I wasn't hating or diminishing, just correcting. I remembered it being 297, and knew it wasn't 299, because he would have tried to go out there for 300. That streak was way better than Cal Ripken's. It is hilarious that you mentioned Kyle Boller, since that one time they met it was a 2005 'Bizarro World' MNF 48–3 B'more beat-down blowout rout with Boller playing well, throwing for 3 TDs, whereas Favre & Co. did nothing but grant the Ravens turnovers all night long. And no, I'm not taking Boller over Favre, even during that down season for the latter. After all, who enjoys going 0–8 on the road?
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