Along with James Ogden and Dev Panchwagh from RSR, we discuss the following:

*Short recap of Colts game
*No huddle effect

*General Chargers thoughts

*Defensive Keys

*Neutralizing the Chargers passing concepts - Lombardi brought over from the Saints, lots of hi-lo concepts, particularly good with scissors, lots of zone beaters but WRs that can beat you in man too

*Getting off the field against Justin Herbert - playing at a supremely high level, especially on 3rd and 4th down despite getting into big holes on 1st/2nd down

*Power run game - they run a multiple running game but their most effective runs look like they will come in the power run game and when they get to the second level, need to occupy double teams and LBs read their keys, make plays

*Offensive Keys

*Lots of 5-2 against the Browns but the shell of this defense is similar to Fangio's - Staley is from his coaching tree, will he replicate the approach of Fangio and they took against Browns to try and stop the run or try different things given Lamar's success recently through the air

*Have a plan for Derwin James - need to be flexible and react to what they might do with him, use him off the edge, to cover Andrews or to try and neutralize Lamar's running threat, be flexible, adapt but have a plan in eventuality that he does all three

*Use the pass to set up the run this week, come out throwing - need to anyway as it will likely be a shootout, get them out of the personnel that they used with the Browns so we can run the ball later, play action won't work as well against a Fangio-like defense

*Matchup to watch

*So many in this game but most keen to see Rashawn Slater vs Odafe Oweh