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    We would if this was 2016 and we the same cast. Too bad in 2021 they’re all old. I’ll gladly take someone who averages over 4 yards per carry on a team with a bad line and has an 87% catch rate like Gaskin did last year. Austin Ekeler was also an undrafted fee agent with similar skills who had an okay year and then the Chargers dumped Melvin Gordon for him.
    This is an Ingram thread but the guy I'd look at before him on the Texans is Lindsay. Only 27 and just 2 years removed from a 1000 yd season. Why is he stuck behind old Mark Ingram?

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    Re: Mark Ingram

    Yahoo Sports :

    " On Thursday (10/14), the Ravens protected four players from their practice squad ahead of their Sunday game with the Chargers in running back Nate McCrary, offensive tackle David Sharpe, cornerback Kevon Seymour and safety Jordan Richards.

    McCrary signed with the Ravens’ practice squad after being claimed off of waivers by the Denver Broncos during the final cut down process. "

    We've already got a young, cheap RB, why add to the Old Age Home for Wayward RBs? ... Bc


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