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    Alabama loses to unranked Texas A&M

    This improbable, incredible event took place tonight at Kyle Field, eight miles from my home (less as the crow flies).

    If you think the Ravens have bad offensive play calling sometimes, take a gander at this game when you can and see how badly it was mismanaged by Saban and his staff.

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    Re: Alabama loses to unranked Texas A&M

    I couldn't figure out why Nick Satan wouldn't use any of his timeouts on defense during the Aggies final drive. In a tie game, you HAVE to preserve as much game clock as possible to give your team any chance of a comeback when the other team is driving. You do NOT allow your opponent to run the clock all the way down to 2 seconds to kick a relatively short game-winning FG. I mean WTF?
    Glad he did though, cuz I loathe him and his team!


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