Hello Alll, I am a Born and Bred Baltimore Boy. I so remember when the Baltimore Colts left and how upset my Dad was. I, like many, only refer to that team as the irsays. I do not respect the team from Landover and frankly could care less about any NFC team. As for the AFC North, I will never refer to any of them other than as squeelers, bungles or (well I don't want to cuss on my first post). I was at the "Give Baltimore the Ball" Miami vs New Orleans game at Memorial Stadium so I have lived the journey. I stood near Johnny Unitas at an event over 30 years ago and was too humbled in his presence to ask for an autograph. I wore 52 my whole life until some friends gave me a custom Ravens jersey. I do not accept transplants so if you moved from out of state and jumped on the bandwagon pick a pretty boy team, not the Ravens. I believe in Harbs, EDC, OZ and Mr. Bisciotti's commitment to excellence and take pride in representing Baltimore.