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    Penn State @ Iowa

    Hi all,

    As most of you know, I am a big Hawkeyes fan. I am really looking forward to the game vs. Penn State Saturday at 4:00. I know next to nothing about Penn State, so it would be great if others chimed in with thoughts about them.

    Iowa can look dominate when their defense is getting turnovers and points. (which fortunately happens quite a bit) However, their offense can be VERY inconsistent and frustrating to watch. When they don't blow teams away with turnovers on defense, their games can be quite ugly. Even 2 weeks ago, they looked anemic vs. Colorado State for the first half...then the defense made some plays and they went on to win.

    I am interested in hearing other people's thoughts on the game and what they expect.


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    Re: Penn State @ Iowa

    # 26 on the Iowa roster should have been ejected from the Maryland game for a cheap shot on a Terps receiver (after the game was decided). The official who failed to make the call should be fired. Hope that player gets his comeuppance before the season is over.


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