Maryland football fans have been waiting two years for the opportunity this Friday (10-1-21). No. 5 Iowa at home. It is a huge test for them. It is potentially a ‘watershed’ game for the Terps football program. A win would propel them into the upper echelon of the Big 10 (if they are mature enough to handle the raised expectations).

The last time they started 4-0 it ended up a disaster (three wins against ‘patsies’). I have a hunch they are legitimate this time. Solid QB, coaches, and their defense has found respectability. It was all on display in their opener against WVU.

Thank goodness(!) they are not yet ranked in the Top 25 (received enough votes for 27th in AP poll this week). Afraid it would ‘go to their heads’. This way, they head into the game with the right attitude (hopefully) and a lot to prove.